Happiness is boring.

I’ve had not much to write here for a little bit because I’ve been busy being happy.

My flatmate said it best: ‘you’ve got the trifecta now – great job, great relationship, great living situation.’

She’s right. Due to the wonder of lamotrigine (oh precious drug, where were you ten years ago?) and lots of lifestyle changes, I am indeed enjoying the ascent of stability and focus.

The problem with being happy is that you aren’t as moved to write – and what you might pen drops sunshine all over the place. Most people are nauseated by the overt happiness of others and far more drawn to misery. Normal, human humanness there.

I will think of stuff to write about soon. On the whole though, I’m just as pleased to be the person that irritates with their constant joy and doesn’t say a thing that shakes or moves.

The world is still enraging enough however, so I’m sure I’ll find something to rant about.


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Feminist. Tea drinker. Cat snuggler. Canadian marryer. Queer. Fat. Lover of movement. View all posts by laketothelight

One response to “Happiness is boring.

  • Peter

    Just wait until you are used to wellness disguised as joy and then lots of little gifts will come to nestle at your intellectual doorways and beg to be let in.

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